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Increase your value for your customers.

Our clients expect experienced, qualified partners to help them design and implement their digital transformation.

Set yourself apart from your competitors with a unique software solution that meets the needs of modern CIOs and CMOs.
As a censhare partner, you have access to targeted resources and the best support.

  • Go to Market support: Work closely with censhare and carry out marketing and sales campaigns with us.

  • Expanding your censhare knowledge in practice: Through a well-planned and joint service model, you will help your customers succeed and increase your sales with censhare in the process.

  • Developing your expertise: censhare offers a range of offerings - from training and certification for successful integration to consulting expertise - to help you master the increasing demand for marketing technologies and develop the skills needed to successfully serve businesses.

  • censhare supports you in developing successful business strategies. The search function on the partner website allows customers to find and approach you.

Together we can lead the next wave of digital transformation strategy. Start the dialogue with us at